Taiwanese Sweets for Indian Hearts

The Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart is a delight of a dessert that probably haven’t found a way to your palate up until now. These Taiwanese sweets made with Indian hearts come in four delicious combination of flavours— Latte & Butter, Green Tea & Mango, Pineapple & Cheese and Chocolate & Orange. Bring them to any occasion and they’re sure to become a crowd pleaser.

The Moon of Taj confectioneries blend the flavours of Taiwan and India to create extremely well-crafted sweets that do away with the run-of-the-mill traditional sweets that are available everywhere. Taiwanese tarts are considered no less than souvenirs in the South Asian country. Anyone visiting Taiwan is sure to get a box of tarts for their loved ones back home. Throughout Taiwan, tarts are sold in fancy packages because they are a very popular gift item. With this same idea in mind, the Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tarts have been prepared to make for a distinctive gifting option that’s unique as they are rich with legacy. They give the Indian tradition of offering sweets on special occasions a surprising twist.

These sweets have been inspired by the darling of Taiwanese desserts and while they have been refashioned with new flavours, the Moon of Taj tarts still stay true to their roots. Fruit tarts, especially Pineapple tarts are ever popular in Taiwan. In fact, fruits are some of the most used ingredients in Taiwanese desserts. The country is known worldwide as the Fruit Kingdom for the large variety and unmatched quality of fruits that grow there.

The Taiwanese Fruit Tarts come in dainty square shapes. The outer crust is nice and crumbly while the fruity filling inside is soft with a jammy texture. A classic trait of the Taiwanese tarts is that it oozes a tempting fragrance when you take a bite into it. While Pineapple tarts are most commonly found in Taiwan, Moon of Taj brings a whole assortment of flavours to the table, giving the traditionally Taiwanese sweets a brand new look and taste.


The Latte & Butter tarts blend the refreshing aroma of coffee beans as the outer crust with the gooey butter filling in the centre. The typically Asian flavour of Green Tea is used creatively with a combination of mango and pineapple in another exciting combination. The decadent chocolate also finds its way into the tarts as it forms an exotic fusion with freshly handpicked citric orange chunks. Finally, the original pineapple tart is reimagined by mixing it with cheddar cheese powder. Such intricate weaving of flavours and textures are inimitable, which is why these delectable tarts are quickly becoming the dessert of choice for everyone in India.

While the taste itself will satiate anyone, the Taiwanese Fruit Tarts go an extra mile to please by coming in beautifully wrapped packaging. The overall product exudes delicious sophistication. Whether you’re gifting them to someone or feeding your guests at home, the Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tarts ensure that happiness comes first.

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