Eye Candy for Sweet Lovers – Nougat

An exquisite piece of sweet that not only tastes like heaven but also looks oh-so gorgeous. No we’re not talking about stuff that dreams are made of. The Moon of Taj Nougat is so delightful that you’ll find it hard to believe it’s not a fairy-tale that’s unfolding.

This incredibly sweet journey begins with the very first sight.

Yes! Love at first sight is a real thing.

When the poets of yore wrote about it they weren’t simply trying to paint a romantic picture to woo their readers. They knew what they were on about. They knew that the very first look is enough to spark a timeless love affair. So when you lay your eyes on the Moon of Taj Nougat for the very first time, be prepared to be swept off your feet like no dessert ever did! This will be the beginning of a lifetime of sweetness and you’ll probably be left wondering why it took you so long to discover this rare experience.


The Moon of Taj Nougat comes in a beautiful packaging. The gold film wrapping lends the nougat an opulent touch that’s fit for any royal occasion. The sweets are laid in an equally sophisticated box which completes the aesthetically charming look. If you get a strong urge to place the box of sweets on a mantel as a showpiece, then don’t beat yourself thinking you’ve gone a bit crazy. A lot of people have had the similar thoughts. The nougats are such fitting eye candies after all. But if you think you’ve been awestruck with what’s outside, wait till you actually see the nougats. The subtle sheen of milky crust dotted with fresh nuts will make anyone’s heart melt and mouth water. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

You’ve laid your eyes on the beautiful nougats, you’ve already fallen in love with them but wait… the best is yet to come.

Imagine the classic flavor of milk and desi ghee slowly unravelling in your mouth with the crunchy texture of premium California almonds making for perfect companions. This isn’t simply a dessert, it’s an experience you’ll want to live again and again. Each ingredient bursts with such richness while also combining so effortlessly with each other, you can’t help but agree that this is a match made in heaven, or ‘dessert heaven’ shall we say? What’s so unique about the Moon of Taj Nougat is that it breaks down into a surprising soft and chewy texture that lingers on with a smoky fragrance imbibed in each nougat with extreme care and attention to detail. There’s a reason that nougats are bought as souvenirs in Taiwan. They’re that special.

The famous chef, Edward Lee, once said that, “Dessert is like a feel good song and the best ones make you dance.” He could very well have been talking about the Moon of Taj Nougats. So pleasing to look at, so delicious to taste— you could go on dancing to the tune of these sweet eye candies forever and ever.


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