Taiwan Lantern Festival – It’s time for Celebration

As an ode to the passing lunar New Year, the Taiwan Lantern Festival is celebrated with much spirit and exuberance all across the country. The festival is observed on the first full moon day of the Chinese New Year. From flamboyant folk art to thunderous firecrackers and a display of a wide array of incandescent lanterns, this is the most dazzling Taiwanese festival, which draws in worldwide visitors year after year. Check out this video to get a glimpse of this colorful exotic and exciting festival and experience the authentic Taiwanese Culture:


At the Taipei Expo Park, festive proceedings start several days earlier culminating in the grand Lantern Festival. Here, one gets to see a splendid collection of lanterns including traditional handmade as well as new-age electromechanical ones. Another fascinating spot to witness the Lantern Festival in all its glory is along the Love River at Kaohsiung. With either sides of the river holding lantern displays, this is one of the most stunning sights anyone can ever behold. Dramatic musical performances add to the existing lively ambience.

An experience that simply cannot be missed during this time is the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival which is held as a symbol of peace and good fortune. Watching the sky light up with thousands of lanterns at Pingxi, a small town in Taiwan, is both spellbinding and inspiring.

Then there’s the absolutely crackling affair at the Yenshui Fireworks Festival. The fireworks begin day before at the Wumiao Temple as a homage to the deity touring the town. This celebration lasts until the wee hours of the morning.

A major feature of the festival is the tour of the guardian deity, Master Han Dan, in Taitung City. A person wearing a headscarf, mask and a pair of shorts represent Master Han Dan. As the deity goes around the city showering blessings, the people make offerings of flowers, fruits and firecrackers to welcome his presence.

Like all festivals, the celebrations aren’t complete without a generous dose of sweetmeats. During this time of the year, pineapple tarts and nougats are the top selling desserts in Taiwan. These are an all-important part of the Lantern Festival. Not just the locals, but even tourists from different countries are known to buy pineapple tarts and nougats as gifts for their loved ones back home. This is because these sweets not only taste great but are also rife with tradition, which make them a fitting souvenir to take back from Taiwan. The Moon of Taj Nougat and Moon of Taj Fruit Tarts, therefore, have been created keeping in mind the rich legacies of these unique desserts.

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is a truly magnificent event. It is a time when under the luminous skies, feelings of goodwill prevail along with hope for a prosperous year ahead for everyone celebrating.

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