See the Flowers Bloom – Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season 2017

“What a strange thing to be alive beneath cherry blossoms.” 

Most people associate cherry blossom with Japan. However, Taiwan has its very own cherry blossom season and it is equally spectacular if not more. With the pink cherry blossoms shrouding the land while swaying in the gentle breeze, there couldn’t be a more beautiful way to announce the coming of spring. From February through April, Taiwan slips into an ethereal grandeur. These cherry blossoms not only symbolises spring but is also celebrated for renewed hope for the future.


As homage to these new beginnings, the Taiwanese get together with their family and friends to have picnics under the charming shade of the cherry blossom trees. They have sakura sweets along with other Taiwanese delicacies. The Moon of Taj desserts are reminiscent of these Taiwanese celebrations. They are an ode to these gathering of loved ones during special festivities in Taiwan, just like they do in India.

If you’re planning on visiting Taiwan to have this magical experience of cherry blossom in full bloom, here are some of the best places to do so.


A much loved place by all tourists who visit Taiwan. Alishan is already beautiful with its rich natural landscape but come spring and the scenes are breathtaking. The cherry blossoms can be viewed in their full glory at the Alishan Youth Activity Center and Zhaoping Park. At the former spot, you can catch a sight of the cherry blossoms against the stunning background of the sacred mountain of Zhou tribe — Tashan. The Zhaoping Park was initially a logging village but as it saw more and more visitor turnout each year, it became a major tourist spot in Alishan. With the Forestry Bureau expanding the park and growing more cherry trees here, it has the highest concentration of cherry trees in Taiwan today.

Sun Moon Lake

One can take in the delights of the cherry blossom season at two places in the Sun Moon Lake— at the National Chi Nan University and the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. The Sakura or cherry blossom festival starts at the National Chi Nan University where over 150 hectares of 1500 kwanza cherry and Taiwan cherry trees decorate the terrain. The University also hosts activities likeSakura picnics during the season. The cherry blossom festival at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is one of the biggest in Taiwan. The Japan Flower Association has even certified it as one of the best place to view cherry blossoms.



Sun Link Sea

For those looking to experience the cherry blossoms in a more adventurous way, you can opt for Sun Link Sea. This is one of the easier hiking trails in Taiwan. The place usually abounds with floral and fauna that can delight anyone but especially during the spring cherry blossom season the trail comes to life. Whether it is for a solitary contemplation amidst nature or enjoying with your family, Sun Link Sea makes for a perfect three-day hike to enjoy the sakura festival.


Wuling Farm

You can experience two brilliant natural sights at Wuling Farm, which is a two hour drive from Yilan City. During the day you can take in the pleasures of gorgeous cherry blossoms swaying in the wind and paths lined by the delicate fallen petals. To bring the day to a close, you can enjoy stargazing after being serenaded by a live orchestra.


Head on to these spectacular places and do not forget to carry your dose of sweetness with Moon Of Taj desserts. Pineapple Tarts and Chocolate Nougats are our favorite delicacies while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.



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