Best Hot Springs in Taiwan – Sweat off Stress in no Time

Of the many natural wonders that Taiwan has to offer, hot springs are definitely on top of the list. Both local Taiwanese and foreign tourists make a beeline for these bubbling baths especially during the winter season. Apart from the fact that hot springs allow one to relax and revitalise, also have several health benefits like relieving nervous and digestive disorders. If you’re travelling to Taiwan and want to take luxuriate in a hot spring, these are some of the best options to choose from.

 Beitou Park

Beitou, which is home to one of the largest concentrations of hot springs in the world, is located at a convenient 30 minutes train ride from central Taipei. This makes it a perfect spot in the suburb to escape the stomping city streets and unwind amidst nature. Beitou Park has some fantastic private resort and spas nestled within a beautiful wooded space. While there, make sure you take a tour of the Beitou Hot Spring Museum which was built as a bath house for the Japanese military troops in 1903. One of the highlights of the museum is the display of tribute to all the films shot at Beitou during the golden age of Taiwanese cinema between 1960 and 70.


Lisong Hot Spring

Hot springs are usually lovely but Lisong hot spring is truly a magical sight to behold. It is surely Taiwan’s, if not the planet’s, most beautiful hot spring. Reaching Lisong is a bit of a challenge requiring some tough but exciting hiking. Hot spring water spitting out of fissures on green mineral stained cliffs make for a fantastic natural shower. The cave around the hot springs have been made by thousands of years of mineral deposit. Visit this cave hung with stalactites for a fancy photo-op before you leave Lisong.

Chaojih Hot Springs

There are only three known seawater hot springs in the world and Chaojih Hot Springs is one of them. You can choose to soak in either an old-fashioned circular stone pool located on the beach side or the modern tiled pools. Both have their own sets of delight. While the hot springs are as rejuvenating as any, an added perk of the Chaojih Hot Springs is that the water here is sulfur-odour free.

Tai’an Hot Spring

Tai’an Hot Spring is located in the mountainous region of Miaoli County. The place is said to have been first discovered by the Atayal or Tayal tribe of Taiwanese aborigines. This tribe is recognised for having facial tattoos and Tai’an is believed to be the last remaining Atayal area with elderly women who have facial tattoos with the last Atayal man with tattoos having died in 2013. You can find some great resorts to soak in the relaxing hot springs and also get to enjoy the amazing cuisine prepared by the locals.

Guanziling Hot Spring

This is one of the most popular hot springs in Taiwan. The springs here have a unique muddy quality. Built on a mineral-rich clay deposit, the mud in the Guanziling Hot Spring is famous as an exception natural cosmetic. These muddy hot springs are also believed to have a healing effect for health conditions like king allergies, rheumatism and arthritis.

Have you been to all of our favorite hot springs? Let us know your favorites and we’ll go and try them out!



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