The New Food Trend: Demand of Natural ingredients and organic foods in Sweets nearing all time high

A report recently released by a global market research firm found that over one-third of consumers worldwide carefully read food labels and the demand for all-natural ingredients is on the rise. The ‘Natural’ tag has become an important feature in helping customers make purchasing decisions. The same report also states that along with the appeal of natural ingredients, consumers today are also looking for limited or no-sugar products. In fact, this is one of the top ten labels that buyers seek out when purchasing food products. It’s no brainer, then, that people have realised the health benefits of consuming natural ingredients and less sugar in their food items.

Natural Ingredients

This food trend has also seeped into weddings where sweets play an all-important part in the ceremony, especially in India. Indian sweets are mostly deep fried flour with lots and lots of sugar. Two balls of Gulab Jamun is said to have 387 calories while a single laddoo has 185 calories alone. They’re also usually made in vanaspati ghee or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. These are transfats which spike your bad cholesterol levels while lowering the good cholesterol level. Needless to say excessive consumption of transfats can lead to serious heart conditions. One must also be aware of the ingredients used in preparing these sweets. Sometimes adulterated milk can be used which can prove toxic to your liver and kidneys. Also if the coloured dyes used in the sweets are synthetic instead of natural ones, they can prove to be potential health hazards too. As people are becoming more discerning, the concept of sweets at weddings is also catching on a new trend. Of course, a wedding simply cannot take place without a good deal of delicious desserts but these desserts can surely take on a more refreshing character.


For the health conscious set, Moon of Taj is the perfect choice of wedding sweets. These confects are completely made from natural ingredients. Locally sourced fruits are used as natural sweeteners which lend them just the right amount of sugar. Whether it’s the classic Taiwanese tarts that come in exotic fruity flavours like Cheese & Pineapple, Chocolate & Orange, Green Tea & Mango and rich Latte & Butter or the souvenir-worthy milk Nougats, each piece of Moon of Taj sweet is prepared with delicate care and concern of the modern customers’ needs. We understand that while desserts need to be wholesome it is equally important to stay in good shape.


What’s more?

A range of newly launched products that are right on trend have been launched by Moon of Taj. Oat Cookies, Chocolate Orange and Orange flavoured sugar free cookies are the latest talk of the town. Cookies are everyone’s favourite nibbles but the Moon of Taj cookies give you an extra reason to feast on it. When creating these cookies, getting the right mix of flavours was key. But so was keeping the flavours natural. The end product is a delicious treat that you can enjoy guilt-free. Go natural and stay healthy without compromising on the taste with Moon of Taj sweets.

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