Ditch the Sweets – 5 Alternatives to Wedding Return Gifts

Traditional Indian sweets have been used as wedding return gifts for ages. It is a tried and tested ritual but with so many other brilliant options available now, traditional sweets just feel very thoughtless. Once your guests come back home they’ll probably store the sweets somewhere and forget about them immediately. Your wedding day is one of the most important landmarks in your life and you would want the memories to be cherished for a long time. This is why wedding return gifts are so significant. If you’re running out of ideas, then here’s a list of alternative gifting options you can try:



There are so many upsides to giving plants as a wedding return gift. Perhaps the most important of them all is the fact that plants remain with your guests for a very long time, making sure that the beautiful memories from your wedding live and grow with the plant in your guests’ homes. Not only do plants add an aesthetic value to a place but also serves as an air purifier, natural stress buster and if some customs are to be believed, they also act as lucky charms for the owners.


Decor items made from recycled material

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The environment has been taking the brunt of our human malpractice for years now. It is, therefore, only right that each of us does our own bit to give something back to mother nature. This is why any item made from recycled material make for wonderful wedding return gifts. You will find a wide range of eco-friendly home decor products that fits every budget. You may have to scour the market a little bit but you’ll eventually find the right gift that your guests will really love.


Anything Personalised

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Whether it’s something as simple as a handwritten card or an extravagant idea like a bracelet with the guests’ name on it, nothing beats the thoughtfulness of a personalised gift. It goes a long way in letting your loved ones know how much it meant to you that they were present on your big day. Personalised gifts make for intimate keepsakes so that even years later when your guests see the gift, they’re delighted with lovely remembrances from your wedding day.


Homemade Preserves

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If you’re the kind that couples your love for DIY with your passion for cooking, then homemade preserves in customised packaging are a great way to show your guests that you’ve put in a lot of thought an effort into the return gift. This one surely is a very homely and welcoming present. Making preserves like jams is not the hardest thing to do, so if you’re up for it then great. However, if you’re constrained for time then you can even place orders for homemade preserves that wont ruin your wedding budget at all.


Unconventional Sweets

Image result for moon of taj

If you simply don’t want to do without sweets as return gifts on your wedding, then why not try an entirely novel idea? Instead of the old and battered tradition of giving Indian sweets, go for the original Moon of Taj confects, which will not only leave your guests in awe but also provide them with a much healthier dessert alternative. Moon of Taj is an exclusive brand that fuses Taiwanese and Indian culinary culture to prepare unique sweets which are unrivalled in both taste and creativity. These sweets are also made with less sugar which makes them a healthier option. The exquisite packaging of each piece of the confect also makes it ideal for gifting. Moon of Taj sweets come in two fabulous range— Moon of Taj Nougat and Moon of Taj Fruit Tarts.  


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