Delicious Wedding Desserts that aren’t Traditional Sweets

Planning for your big day but at a loss for ideas about how to make it absolutely unique?

Moon of Taj offers an assortment of sweets that will add a dash of exclusivity to your wedding.  The flavours of Taiwan blends with the taste of India in each of the Moon of Taj sweets, whether it’s the Moon of Taj Nougat or the Moon of Taj Fruit Tarts. From a one-of-a-kind taste to enhancing the aesthetic value and adding a bit of culture to your wedding, make your day extra special by choosing a dessert that’s not the outdated traditional sweets. Here are five reasons why Moon of Taj makes for the perfect dessert:


It’s Original 

Indian weddings are loads of fun no doubt. The vivid colours, the vibrant music, the opulence and of course the great food. However, each wedding feels like an exact replica of the last wedding you attended. There’s hardly ever anything to differentiate one wedding from the other. So how do ensure that your big day is exceptional enough to make it stand out from the rest? Since food is the one thing that people tend to remember of weddings, give them some splendid memories to take away with a completely new dessert menu. Moon of Taj Nougats and Moon of Taj Fruit Tarts are so exotic in taste that your guests will leave wondering why no one came up with this fantastic idea sooner.

It’s Healthier

Once the wedding season begins on full swing, you’ll find yourself attending a ceremony or two every other week. Indian weddings, as we all know, have some delicious food, but eat too much of it then your body also begins to take a brunt. Keeping your waistline and your cholesterol levels in check can turn out to be quite a challenge during the great Indian wedding season. So for your own nuptials make a small tweak by switching to a much healthier dessert than traditional sweets. Moon of Taj confects contain less sugar and the purest of ingredients that make it a great alternative to opt for as wedding sweets.

It’s Luxurious

Indian weddings are all about spectacle and splendour. Having a muted ceremony is hardly ever witnessed in the country. So if everything from your wedding dress to your jewellery and the decorations are magnificent, why shouldn’t your desserts be dressed up too? Each Moon of Taj sweet is wrapped in gorgeous and elegant cases that’s fit for any lavish wedding. Such care and attention to detail has been put in to make sure that not just the confects but also their packaging reflect the fine standard that has gone into the making of a Moon of Taj sweet. Apart from gracing your dessert menu, Moon of Taj also makes for a perfect wedding return gift.

Quality Assurance – Guaranteed

One of the best reasons to choose Moon of Taj sweets for your wedding is the quality assurance that the brand provides. While crafting the sweets, the Master Chefs at Moon of Taj make certain that not only the delicious taste is delivered but also that purity and hygiene of the topmost order is maintained. Each sweet adheres to Taiwanese food safety norms as well as the Indian FSSAI regulations.

Packed with Culture

Both India and Taiwan are known for their diverse multicultural cuisine. Food plays a central role in both these countries. But never has there been a thread that connects these two Asian culinary giants together until now. Bringing the authentic flavours of Taiwan and refashioning them to suit the Indian palate, Moon of Taj has taken a bold and long overdue step towards adding another facet to both Indian and Taiwanese cuisines. Experience a whole lot of  history and culture in just a simple bite.


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