Nougat – the new recipe in town to pacify your sweet tooth

Belgian chocolates are so passé and burfis so done and dusted with. So what do you do when you’ve completely run out of options for a dessert that’s original and creative and hasn’t been on the menu at every party in town? You reach out for Moon of Taj Nougats of course. A terrific and totally new confect from Taiwan that’s bound to pacify your sweet tooth like no other.

Moon of Taj Nougat is a tribute to a favourite Taiwanese sweet. It has been crafted in a rich blend of skimmed milk and pure ghee which lend the nougats with a soft and chewy texture while hand-picked almonds from California add that bit of crunchiness which completes the taste. What makes the nougats extra special is a hint of smoky fragrance and burnished gloss that come from the sweets being put through varying degrees of heat apropos during the making.

Image result for moon of taj nougat

One of the reasons why you will love nougats is that while it certainly fulfils your craving for something sweet, it’s still light on sugar, making it a much healthier option than the regular desserts. Simply put the nougats taste deliciously rich and creamy while also going easy on your waistline.

So how special really are nougats in Taiwan? For one they are the most popular souvenirs that foreign travellers buy for friends and family back home. This alone should reveal the popularity of the sweets in the country. But wait, there’s more. So beloved are the nougats to the Taiwanese that they’ve even erected a museum in its name. Nougats have also been traditionally used as popular wedding desserts and for this reason, the museum has a section dedicated to displaying classic wedding customs of the country. The museum also explains the origins of the sweets and shows the tools used in their making as well as the whole process of baking.

In 2015, the Taipei City government had held a “Taipei Cake” competition where talented chefs experimented with new flavours of nougats. Some of the interesting ones were nougat pancakes, pearl milk tea nougat and nougat mille-feuille and Taiwanese mango nougat. Such is the popularity of this sweet candy in Taiwan.

So when Hugo Wang, the founder of Moon of Taj, first came up with the brilliant idea of bringing Taiwanese dessert flavours to India, he just knew that nougats had to be a part of it. They’re simply one-of-a-kind and something India hadn’t ever tasted before. This entirely new concept of  creating Taiwanese sweets with a dash of Indian culinary inspiration brings something remarkable to the Indian dessert scenario. Right from using the choicest ingredients to the technicalities of baking a perfect confect and the final elegant packaging, Moon of Taj Nougats isn’t simply a dessert but a whole experience. Which is why they’ve taken over both the Indian palates and more importantly the Indian hearts. Next time you feel the need to pacify your sweet tooth, head to the charming Moon of Taj outlet in Lajpat Nagar or simply call the friendly folks at 011 41090234 and your packet of sweetness will be delivered to your doorstep.


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